We haven't set our date yet, could you provide a quotation?

Regrettably, I am only able to provide a quotation once I know your wedding date to enable me to confirm my availability, so it’s best to get in touch once you’ve set your date and booked your venue.

Could I taste some cake samples?

Yes, of course! Tastings are one of the very best bits of wedding planning and lots of fun! You’ll get to explore the details of my cake designs in person and enjoy plenty of delicious cake flavour combinations. I offer 3 different levels of Consultation, depending on your unique requirements. I can also provide postal tastings for £20 if you don’t live in the area or are too busy to meet in person. For more information please see Consultations

How and when do I pay for my cake? 

Please see my ordering process here.

Where is your shop?

Amara Cake Boutique is a home-based business (registered with Central Bedfordshire Council) so I do not have a store front. Of course, you are more than welcome to view my cakes on my website, social media and during your consultation.

Do I have to choose one of the designs from your portfolio?

Not at all. All of my cakes are individually designed especially for each couple, to suit their style and preferences. If you like one of the designs in my portfolio then I can certainly use that as a starting point but adapt the design to your specific requirements.

Could I have a variety of flavours?

Absolutely. It's easy to cater for different tastes as you can choose a different flavour for each tier if you like.

Could I collect my cake?

For cakes of three tiers and over I recommend opting for my delivery service but for smaller cakes there is the option to collect by prior appointment. 

Do you make novelty wedding cakes?

My style and expertise leans more towards sugar flowers and intricate decorations. Although I occasionally do novelty cakes, it very much depends on the style so please feel free to run your ideas past me.

Are there any other styles you don't do?

Yes - I don't do naked or semi-naked cakes but I do offer Buttercream or Belgian Chocolate Ganache covered cakes as an alternative. I also don't do Cupcake Towers. 

I recommend caution if you are considering a cake decorated with buttercream or chocolate for a spring/summer wedding (April to October). I cannot accept responsibility for any melting of the cake as I have no control over the environmental / venue temperature. I can however advise you of designs that are less susceptible to melting and do everything within my control to reduce the impact on the cake.

Do you only make Wedding Cakes?

Contemporary wedding cakes are my speciality and I also love putting together dessert tables full of smaller sweet treats. I will very occasionally do a celebration cake, designed in my signature style, so get in touch if you’re looking for an elegant birthday cake or show-stopping anniversary cake. Regrettably, I do not do children's novelty birthday cakes.

Are the Sugar Flowers Edible?

Although they are made of sugar, it is best not to eat the flowers as they often contain inedible items such as wires, and the paste they are made with sets quite hard. I strongly advise against giving sugar flowers to children as they may be a choking hazard.

I'd like to keep my sugar flowers, how do I go about this?

Sugar Flowers serve as a great memento of your special day. Ask your venue to carefully remove the sugar flowers before cutting your cake. The flowers will keep indefinitely if stored (in a cardboard box) in a cool dry place, or displayed in a cabinet out of direct sunlight. If your cake spend is over £1,000, I do provide an acetate box free of charge for you to display your flowers in.

My Terms & Conditions can be found here.

 Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.


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