Fresh, quality ingredients




You can rest assured that your cake will be freshly baked to order using the finest and freshest ingredients - from Free-Range Eggs to Finest Belgian Chocolate and real Madagascan Vanilla Pods - to guarantee a cake that tastes amazing.

Dietary Requirements

Please let me know if you have any special dietary requirement and I will advise if I am able to accommodate your request.

Please see my T&Cs for information on Allergens.

Cake Flavours

Our cakes are baked fresh, from scratch, to order and are made with the best quality ingredients, from free range eggs, real butter and Belgian chocolate. All cakes are covered with a thin layer of White Belgian Chocolate Ganache under the Swiss Fondant (sugar paste).


All of my cakes come in a range of flavours and are made bespoke to your requirements. Below is a list of the most popular flavours, but the list is nearly endless – if you have other flavour options in mind just let me know. Remember, you can choose a different flavour for each tier.

Madagascan Vanilla Sponge

A light Vanilla Sponge made using genuine madagascan vanilla bean paste direct from the pod.  Popular fillings for this cake are a creamy buttercream (flavour of your choice), with or without seedless jam.

Lemon and Poppyseed Sponge

One of my favourites … a sponge cake infused with lemon zest and lightly toasted poppy seeds. Drizzled with a Lemon Syrup and filled with a lemon curd buttercream.

Orange Sponge

A light Vanilla Sponge infused with fresh orange zest. Keep the filling a plain creamy vanilla buttercream or choose an orange curd buttercream to complement the sponge flavour for extra citrus punch.

Carrot Cake

Another firm favourite. A moist, flavour-packed cake with a huge array of yummy ingredients. Sultanas and Walnuts are optional. Popular fillings include either a creamy vanilla buttercream or a zesty orange buttercream.

Maraschino Cherry Sponge

A light Vanilla Sponge infused with Maraschino Cherries and filled with a cherry buttercream.

Summer Berries with White Chocolate Sponge

A rich sponge cake infused with a berry puree and white Belgian chocolate. Filled with either a berry buttercream or a white chocolate and vanilla buttercream. Delicious!

Chocolate Sponge

A fluffy Chocolate Sponge cake made using organic 100% Cocoa powder. Paired with a creamy chocolate buttercream, makes it a popular choice for weddings.

Rich Chocolate Fudge Cake

A rich and delicious chocolate cake, made with the finest Belgian dark chocolate and organic 100% cocoa powder. Pairs well with a number of different flavoured fillings, to give you a real chocoholic fix.

Banana Cake

A rich dark sponge cake made with plenty of fresh ripe bananas. A popular filling choice is alternating creamy chocolate buttercream with peanut butter buttercream. Heaven!

Coconut & Lime Sponge

New to my menu, my Coconut & Lime sponge is a fluffy, moist vanilla sponge infused with coconut, lime juice and lime zest. Filled with a creamy lime curd buttercream. A pure taste sensation.

For a real Caribbean twist, I can add a splash of Malibu.

Coffee & Walnut Sponge

A tea time favourite of a light coffee sponge with chopped walnuts and filled with an espresso buttercream

Strawberry & Champagne Sponge

The perfect choice to celebrate your marriage! A light champagne flavoured sponge, with pieces of strawberries, drizzled with a champagne flavoured syrup and filled with a strawberry buttercream.

Rich Fruit Cake

Jam-packed with a variety of luxury mixed fruits, nuts and aromatic spices, I have tweaked and perfected this recipe over a number of years to achieve a moist, rich flavour that really is a dream. It is then matured over a minimum period of three months with a secret, high quality brandy.

Fillings & Coverings

All of my fillings are homemade to order. My standard filling is a flavoured buttercream but the other options available include:


Buttercream (almost any flavor, to complement the cake)

Cream Cheese frosting (cream cheese and buttercream  combo)

Curds:  Lemon, Lime, Orange and Passion Fruit Curds available

Jams:   Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackcurrant

Ganache (Milk, Dark or White Chocolate)

Ganache/buttercream mix ... to die for :)


As standard, sponge cakes are covered with a layer of ganache and then sugarpaste. Fruit Cakes are covered with Marzipan and then Sugarpaste, but other options may be available depending on your specific requirements.

Peace of Mind


To give you added assurance, my business has been awarded a 5-star Food Hygiene Rating by Central Bedfordshire Council.


In addition, I have completed and passed (with 100%) my Level 2 Food Handling course.