Wedding cakes are usually cut into rectangular or square portions, rather than the traditional 'wedge slice'. The portion size will depend on the type of cake you have and whether you are serving your cake as dessert or whether it will be served some time after your breakfast reception.


Portions are either 'Finger Portions' ( 1"x1"xheight of cake) or 'Coffee Portions' (1"x2"xheight of cake) - the most common being Finger Portions for a wedding.

Remember that the number of guests attending does not have to dictate the size of your final cake - and we will discuss your options, for example, extra 'cutting cakes' and 'dummy' tiers.

The standard height of my cake tiers is 5", which is results in a fairly substantial piece of cake after a full meal. I also make shorter and taller tiers depending on the design of your cake. Standard tiers contain four layers of cake torted with three layers of a filling.