2019’s Top Wedding Cake Trends

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

Wedding Cake designs, as with wedding dresses and wedding styles, ebb in and out of fashion, with some design styles remaining firm favourites for many years whilst others have a more fleeting spot in the limelight. 2019’s top trends sees some old favourites in for the long run and some newer designs taking hold.

My countdown of what will be on trend in 2019 ….


8 Celestial

Think all things twinkly … Celestial-themed weddings are set to become a lot more prevalent in 2019 weddings, and this will, naturally, see co-ordinating cakes come to the fore. Stars and moon shapes may take over from some of the geometric designs that have been popular this year. It doesn’t have to be all stars and moon though, inspiration from astrology and the galaxy can play their part too.

Jenny Wenny Cakes Creatrix Photography


7 Black is Back

Hovering cautiously in the background for a couple of years, the popularity of black wedding cakes is set to rise in 2019 with the emphasis being on bold design with pops of colour or silver/gold. Black is not just for dark, moody or goth themed weddings - daring couples are opting for elegant and sophisticated creations. Are you brave enough to opt for a black wedding cake?

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6 Bigger is Better

What has been rising in popularity, and set to continue, is ‘big’ cakes. The word is out that not all of your cake tiers need to be made of cake and we are seeing more brides wanting to wow their guests with towering works of art. Cake designers use polystyrene dummies instead of sponge cake and decorate them as if they were cake. Although it’s not likely to reduce your cake budget, adding a few dummy tiers will definitely make your cake the centre of attention at your wedding reception.

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5 Deconstructed tiers and Dessert Tables

The rise in popularity of this trend can, in part, be attributed to Harry and Meghan. A deconstructed cake is where you have a number of different cakes, but they are displayed separately on their own stand rather than stacked to create one tall cake. This has seen the rise in popularity of the dessert table too, and the emphasis in 2019 will be on classy and elegant dessert tables, rather than candy carts and doughnut walls (think co-ordinating cookies, macarons and more).

The Royal Wedding Cake by Clare Ptak Mama Cakes


4 Textured Cakes

This extends past the traditional buttercream cake. In 2018 we saw this trend really get off the ground with interesting patterns and textures. The new textured cakes tend to suit more minimalist styled weddings (think industrial spaces like factories and old mills) which show off the great surface effect of the cake. Stone, Stucco and Cement effects are set to dominate the textured cake landscape, although other texture will come into play through 2D and 3D sugarpaste effects, such as bas relief and sequins.

Zoe Clark Cakes Jasmine Rae Cakes


3 Semi-naked Cakes

Naked and semi-naked cakes have been around for a while and, whilst naked cakes are diminishing in popularity, semi-naked cakes are set to retain their coveted position in the Top 5, but they are likely to be adorned with a touch more buttercream than we’ve been used to seeing in previous years. Although well-suited to the more rustic barn setting, the new style can be dressed up to fit into a wider range of venues and styles. The preferred choice for decoration will be flowers and foliage, rather than berries and fruit.

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2 Metallics and Sheens

Metallics are set to remain a firm favourite of couples getting married in 2019 and we’ll see these elements in various detail on wedding cakes. Copper and rose gold are beginning to wane but we’ll still see lots of pearlised effects and traditional gold and silver being more prominent. There are lots of fun ways to incorporate metallics, from whole tiers in soft sheens through to splotches of metallic on a painted cake to gold embellished scroll detailing.

City Sweets Confections Amara Cake Boutique

Leading on to our number 1 spot …. (drumroll please ...)


1 ‘Pretty’ Cakes

The number one trend for 2019 remains sophisticated and pretty – from classic white-on-white creations through to pastel prettiness - elegant lines still rule supreme. Sugar flowers will play a bigger role and, although pastel sugar flowers still remain popular, we’ll see some brighter flowers and more whimsical, floaty flower cascades playing a bigger part.

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That’s it – my prediction for the top trends in 2019 wedding cakes. Ultimately, it’s your wedding day so don’t feel you have to follow any trends whether in your cake, venue styling or your dress.

I’d love to hear what style cake you are planning for your wedding … pop your answer in the comments below.


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Happy wedding planning 😊

Sara x

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