5 Things you need to know if you choose a buttercream wedding cake

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

Harry and Meghan's choice of cake is sure to spark new interest in buttercream wedding cakes. If you are contemplating a buttercream cake, here are 5 things to consider to ensure you get the cake of your dreams ...


1. Buttercream is buttercream, is buttercream … right?

Well, not all buttercreams are created equal and, apart from your standard buttercream, there are quite a few other tasty options out there, such as Swiss Meringue Buttercream, Italian Buttercream and French Buttercream.

You can find out more about these and other types here

A big consideration in which buttercream you choose is the time of year you are getting married as the buttercream finish may be affected by hot temperatures.

There are more stable alternatives to buttercream which include Ganache (cream and chocolate mix) or, my personal favourite, a combination of Ganache and Buttercream … mmmmm…. So yummy!

Be sure to discuss your options with your Wedding Cake Designer.


2. Fresh Flowers or Sugar Flowers

Image credits: Images 1 & 2: Amara Cake Boutique, Image 3: Storyboard Wedding

There are plenty of debates across the web focusing on whether you should use fresh flowers or sugar flowers on your cake. Ultimately, you are likely to make your choice based on two main criteria; the first, and most important one, is your personal preference of what you think will look good on your particular cake and secondly, your budget.

A Fresh Flower option ensures that the flowers on your cake match the rest of your flowers. If you do use fresh flowers, it is essential that you use non-toxic flowers and that they are attached in a food-safe way.

Opting for Sugar Flowers takes away the hazards associated with using fresh flowers. An added bonus is having a keepsake you can keep for decades to come. As they are time-consuming to make, sugar flowers will add quite a bit to the overall cost of your cake.


3. Smooth finish or Textured finish

Image credits: Image 1: Style me Pretty, Image 2: Oh Best Day Ever, Image 3: Sweet Bloom Cakes

A buttercream wedding cake doesn’t have to be plain or smooth and there are many ways to make it unique and give it that ‘wow’ factor. Although our Royal Couple opted for a slightly rustic finish, you can opt for a more textured finish such as frills, ruffles and stucco.


4. Neutral or Colour

Image credits: Image 1: Cake by Sweet Lydia's, Photo by Shewanders Photography, found on The Knot, Image 2: Hayley Baxter Photography on Whimsical Wonderland Weddings, Image 3: My Wedding Guides, Image 4: Amara Cake Boutique

Although buttercream lends itself perfectly to the more neutral and rustic colour themes, there is no reason why you shouldn’t use colour.

Colour can be introduced through either changing the colour of the actual buttercream, adding colour elements into the buttercream or, alternatively, by introducing coloured add-ons, such as flowers, embellishments or even metallic spray finishes (like in the gold tiered cake above).


5. It’s all in the display

How your cake is displayed can either break or enhance the overall look and feel of your whole cake and it’s well worth spending time thinking about this. Ask you venue, wedding planner and cake designer for their ideas too.

Photo credits: Image 1: Unknown, Image 2: the Ruffled Blog, Image 3: Ideas to Try,

Image 4: Elizabeth Anne Designs

I hope this have given you some food for thought and has left you with some inspiration and confidence in your cake choice. Feel free to leave your comments below.

Wishing you lots of happy wedding planning

Sara x


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