How to Incorporate Floral Hoops into your Wedding Decor

Updated: Jul 15, 2018

I am loving the new Floral Hoop trend (or Floral ‘Wreaths’, if your prefer. Personally, I like ‘hoops’ as the new trend is a lot more elegant and dreamy 😊).

There are loads of different ways to use them in your wedding and they will suit almost any theme … particularly summer, boho, rustic and geometric themes.

The key to using floral hoops is to use one or two main attention-grabbing displays and then subtly include them in other ways.

Here are some ideas on how to incorporate Floral Hoops into your special day …

Fresh Flowers or Artificial Flowers?

Of course, floral hoops are all about the flowers but how intense or demure you want the flowers to be are totally at your discretion. And so is whether you use fresh flowers or artificial flowers.

There is something about fresh flowers that are, oh, so romantic. They smell divine and, just by being fresh, exude oodles of luxury and elegance.

Artificial flowers include look-alike silk flowers and also paper flowers. The advantage of using artificial flowers is that everything can be prepared in advance, which is a big stress-reducer if you’re making a lot of the decorations yourself.

Wedding Invitations

Start as you mean to go on and introduce floral hoops at the very beginning with your wedding stationery like this gorgeous set from Laura of Laura Likes. Click on the image or the link below to see this and her other fabulous wedding day stationery.

Image credit: Laura Likes

If you’re very much a hands-on bride and would like to print your invitations yourself, then why not check out this bundle from So Lovely Weddings

Image credit: So Lovely Weddings

Bridal Bouquet

Why not go all out and embrace the floral hoop trend by replacing a traditional bouquet or posy with a floral hoop.

Image credit: Facaldo Flowers

If you love traditional bridal bouquets but still want to introduce a floral hoop, why not have floral hoops for your bridesmaids and/or flower girl. I think they are so well suited to little flower girls - you can see some more gorgeous examples on my Pinterest board.

Image credit: Valerie Demo of Wild, Honest and Free

This little flower girl hoop is too adorable for words ...

Flower Girl floral hoop, weddings

Image credit: Vintage Affair