Should You DIY your Wedding Cake

Whether you’re just not that much into cake or whether you have a tight budget, DIY-ing parts of your wedding may be on the forefront of your mind.

In this quick-read blog I’ll be exploring some of the pros and cons which are applicable whether you are considering making your wedding cake yourself or if a friend/relative is making it.

Things you need to consider if you are going DIY on your wedding cake:

  • Firstly, check with your venue that they allow a homemade cake to be served. Some venues insist that the cake maker has the relevant insurance, has Food Hygiene training and is registered with the council.

  • Finalise your cake idea well in advance so that you can jot down all the tools, ingredients and finishing touches you will need to either buy or borrow.

  • Draft a timeline. Include every detail on this from when you will buy the fresh ingredients to when you need to make or order a custom detail (eg cake topper or flowers). Also allocate time to do practice bakes.

  • Consider Delivery and Set-up: Who will deliver and set-up your cake at the venue? Will they know what to do if there is a mishap?

  • Find out about Food Standards: Ensure you bring yourself up to speed on things such as Allergens, food storage and transportation, and displaying items that contain dairy etc


  • Undoubtedly, as with everything, making your wedding cake yourself may be cheaper – but be sure to factor the cost of the ingredients and any additional tools and equipment you might need (try and borrow/hire this wherever possible)

  • You can take pride in the fact that you made your own cake

  • You can make it exactly the way you want it (although any good professional will ensure this too).


  • Time: This is a big factor, not just in terms of the cake:

  • Wedding Cakes take a lot of time to ensure they are perfect. Do you have enough spare time to bake and decorate your cake? You don’t want to be up until past midnight on the evening before your wedding.

  • ‘Practice’ time – if you haven’t baked much before, or you are experimenting with new flavours, be sure to practice a couple of times in the months leading up to your wedding. (ps don’t forget to add the costs of your practice runs into your budget)

  • What other items are going to be taking up your time in the week leading up to your wedding?

  • You won’t have any/much time to socialise, relax or spend with your partner

  • Skill: Do you (your friend/relative) really have the knowledge and skill to bake and decorate the biggest cake of your life?

  • Stress: With all the other things you are finalising, knowing that you have a cake to bake and decorate just a couple of days before your wedding can cause a tremendous amount of stress and panic – and by that time, it’s too late to call in a professional.

Whether you decide to DIY your Wedding Cake or engage the services of a professional, my tips on choosing your perfect cake can be found here

Whatever you choose to do, Happy Wedding Planning!

Sara xx

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