Top 10 Black Wedding Cakes

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

Following on from my blog last week on what looks to be on trend in 2019, for the next few weeks I’m going to be looking at each of the top 8 trends in more detail, starting with Black Cakes …

You could be excused for thinking that black cakes are only for goth-style weddings as it is not everyone’s choice of colour for a wedding cake (can you imagine the funny looks you would have got 50 years ago at the mere mention of a cake that was anything but white?)

Black wedding cakes have been hovering in the background for the last few years with only the bravest of brave couples daring to choose them. However, with all the new cake decorating techniques coming into play over the last few years, along with, more importantly, couples wanting to do things their way, black cakes are rising in popularity.

I’ve trawled the internet for the 10 most fabulous black wedding cakes for you and, as you can see, they can look incredibly elegant, sophisticated and grown up.

Interesting Shapes

This cake oozes charm with its pure understated elegance and interesting tier arrangement. The unfussy (but perfectly executed) sugar flowers finish it off perfectly.

Image: A Little Cake Place

Goth Delight

This cake has all the Goth feels going on. Sophisticated and elegant in its own right.

Image: Sweetlake Cakes

Painted Black Cake

The great thing about a black cake is that it is like a blank canvas and you can incorporate a number of the other top wedding trends such texture and painting. I’m swooning over this one (or, what we Cake Designers refer to as ‘Cake Porn’).

Image: SweeterE

Balancing Black

If you’re not quite ready to commit to an all-black cake, how about this gorgeous one.

Image: Hey There Cupcake!

Textured Black Cakes

Another swoon-worthy black wedding cake from Tortik Annushka (do yourself a favour and pop over to their Instagram for some mind-blowing cake creations) … this cake creates visual interest in the texturing and rose quilling-effect.

Image: Tortik Annushka

A new take on Marbling

Jasmine Rae is one of the queens of texture. Here she opted for marbling with a very textured finish, which works well if you want to incorporate more white or lighter colours.

Image: Jasmine Rae Cakes

Gold Accents

Adding interest on black cakes is easy - there is so much to choose from. This one is incorporating gold stencilling.

Image: Cathy Haebe

A Little Pop of Colour

I love this cake from Nightingale Cakes … it is so visually stimulating without being over the top. I love the varying tier heights and I just adore the sugar flower arrangement.

Image: Nightingale Cakes

A Big Pop of Colour

They say that there is no colour that doesn’t go with Black, and that is absolutely true. Feel free to incorporate some of the other colours from your wedding theme to keep everything co-ordinated.

The Big One

You will have seen in my previous blog. 2019’s Top Wedding Cake Trends, that Big cakes are going to be, well … BIG … the more tiers the better. If you’re opting for a black wedding cake, why not go all out and have 6, 7, or even 8 tiers of fabulousness?

Image: Olyalya Cakes

See, black wedding cakes aren't that scary after all :)

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Happy Wedding Planning :)

Sara x

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