The standard height of my cake tiers is 5", which is higher (and more cake :)) than the industry average. I also make shorter and taller tiers depending on the design of your cake. Standard tiers contain four layers of cake torted with three layers of a filling.

Wedding cakes are usually cut into rectangular or square portions, rather than the traditional 'wedge slice'. The portion size will depend on the type of cake you have and whether you are serving your cake as dessert or whether it will be served some time after your breakfast reception.


Typically, portions are either 'Finger Portions' ( 1"x1"x5") or 'Coffee Portions' (1"x2"x5").

Remember that the number of guests attending does not have to dictate the size of your final cake - and we will discuss your options, for example, extra 'cutting cakes', 'dummy' tiers and when you plan to serve your cake.


I offer a bespoke design process for your wedding cake and each wedding cake receives my full attention. My prices reflect the personal and premium service that I offer to every one of my couples. 


Due to the bespoke nature of my cakes, I cannot give a definitive cost as all cakes are priced individually and depend on factors such as design, size, complexity of decoration etc.

However, below is a guide to the typical investment required:

(The portion quantities below are a basic guide only. Please be aware that the actual number of servings a cake yields very much depends on the type and shape of the cake and how the venue cuts your cake)

2 tier wedding cake:

Standard (6", 8"): To serve 34 to 68 portions:

Typical investment between £500 and £650

3 tier wedding cake:

Small (4", 6", 8"): To serve 40 to 80 portions:

Large (6", 8",10"): To serve 74 to 136 portions:

Typical investment between £600 and £985

4 tier wedding cakes:

Small (4", 6", 8", 10"): To serve 80 to 148 portions: 

Large (6", 8",10", 12"): To serve 124 to 228 portions: 

Typical investment between £700 and £1,450

5 tier wedding cakes:

Small (4", 6", 8", 10", 12"): To serve 130 to 240 portions: 

Large (6", 8",10", 12", 14"): To serve 198 to 368 portions: 

Typical investment between £850 and £2,000

6+ tiers - priced following consultation